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Token CP is backed by Cypress Capital, with a floor price that increases by 12% per year.

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  • Token CP in Moonbeam network

    Token CP in the Moonbeam network has a Floor price that increases by 12% annually, and there is no limit to the Ceiling price. We have been maintaining it since 2022.

  • Cypress Meme

    Cypress Meme in DOT assets hub

  • CypressCoin

    CypressCoin in DOT assets hub

  • Stable Cypress "StabCP"

    Stable Cypress "StabCP" starts at $1, and its price increases by 12% annually.

  • Cypress parachain

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Token $CP of #CypressCoin system

Token CP is a token on the Moonbeam blockchain platform, supported by Cypress Capital. It operates as an investment fund index managed by Cypress Capital, with the goal of increasing profits through Polkadot and its Parachains. The key feature of Token CP is that the Floor price increases by 12% annually, while the Ceiling price remains unlimited. This characteristic has been in effect since 2022.
Field Value
Contract address 0x6021D2C27B6FBd6e7608D1F39B41398CAee2F824
Transparency 100%
Address for Leader 0xc609f1cf0989411548a2a3b689b45500d3c49077
Multisig Address for Council 0xF33D7751De5927F0B80Ef3C3e4fA75581754C980
Multisig Address for Core Holders Team 0x012f3c193E6D78BaBEC52F8AbE6b7B0c443D3bCf
Code is verified https://t.me/polkadotviet/352

Storing in Nova Wallet or Subwallet

Liquidity: open

  • Trading in Stellaswap

  • Trading in Aggregator Zenlink

Obtain $CP address in Nova wallet
Transfer $CP to another address
Sell $CP to acquire GLMR